Software to protect culture & manage Country

The Keeping Place is a GIS based platform for:

All-in-one solution for Traditional Owner groups

The Keeping Place was created for native title groups, Aboriginal corporations and other organisations operating within the Indigenous information and land management sector in Australia.

It’s a cloud-based solution to digitally protect and share cultural knowledge. It’s also a complete business tool, helping Traditional Owner groups protect their rights and interests in land.

Bring knowledge & work together

Establish a private digital cultural centre

Collect, protect and appropriately share cultural knowledge in a private digital cultural centre. Control how information is accessed and shared through security group settings and cultural protocol permissions.

Map and visualise cultural heritage sites

Select locations of interest in GIS-based maps and quickly see linked information. Documents, videos, photos, stories and songs can be accessed by permitted users in just one click.

Manage membership information and stakeholder engagement

Keep lists up-to-date in one place. Add details about correspondence, training, skills and certificates.

Streamline management of Country

Receive automated notifications about mining leases and other future acts. Plan and manage cultural heritage surveys and land management projects.

Manage agreement obligations and commitments

Manage and monitor agreement obligations and commitments. Use a workflow and reminder system to track obligations and trigger actions.

Owned and controlled by Traditional Owners

Subscribe and become an owner-member. As a social enterprise, we create sustainable social, economic and employment opportunities for First Nations people.

Collect & protect traditional & contemporary knowledge

Sound recordings, such as songs and stories.

Video recordings and drone footage.

Images and photos.

Site mapping, including the location of significant sites.

Documents, such as heritage reports, ethnographies, research projects and healthy country plans.

Spatial data, such as land tenure and environmental data.

A safe place to protect culture

When a Traditional Owner group subscribes to The Keeping Place, they get their own private and secure Keeping Place Site. Each group has full control over their site, which is tailored to their cultural and business needs

The Keeping Place only allows appropriate knowledge sharing. Cultural protocol and security permissions are assigned to records and data, so that knowledge sharing honours tradition.

Your community, your protocols

The Keeping Place allows you to apply cultural protocols to places, documents, photos, videos and audio recordings.

These protocols are verified for each user, so that information can only be viewed by permitted community members. You can assign multiple protocols to each record, making knowledge only available to users who meet all protocols.

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Software to protect culture and manage Country

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