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The Keeping Place is a powerful, innovative and safe tool for collecting, protecting and appropriately sharing cultural knowledge.
An innovative digital cultural resource for Traditional Owner communities.


The Keeping Place is a GIS based software platform for protecting cultural heritage and managing Country.

The platform was created for native title organisations, Indigenous ranger programs and Aboriginal cultural heritage organisations throughout Australia. It’s a cloud-based solution to digitally protect and share cultural knowledge. It’s also a complete business tool, helping Traditional Owner groups protect and manage their rights and interests in land.

We are a social enterprise and not-for-profit company, entirely owned by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. When a Traditional Owner group subscribes to the software, they become a member-owner of the company.


  • Intuitive and engaging design

    The platform integrates GIS mapping features with the powerful Infoscope relationship engine. Data can be visualised on a map and tabular user interface.

  • Cultural protocol and security settings

    With customisable security permissions and cultural protocols, recognised individuals or groups can choose how their cultural information is captured, accessed and shared.

  • All in one solution for PBCs

    Software that empowers native title groups with an integrated solution to manage cultural heritage, future acts, compliance with agreements, land management projects, stakeholders and more.

  • Connect with places, videos, photos, reports and more

    Upload, visualise and connect with a wide range of data including places, videos, photos, songs, heritage reports, documents, ethnographies, site locations, survey areas and spatial data.

  • Manage all your agreements in one place

    Manage all your agreements in one place and use workflows, notifications and a dashboard to manage, monitor and track obligations and commitments under Indigenous Land Use Agreements.

  • Realise new social and economic opportunities

    Use the platform to realise new social and economic opportunities, such as language revitalisation, cultural mapping and cultural tourism projects.

  • Manage jobs through workflows and notifications

    Built with a data-driven dynamic workflow engine, you can create tasks, automated workflows and notifications to plan and manage surveys, projects, obligations and more.

  • Powerful search capabilities

    Built on modern cloud technology, the platform is secure and scalable with powerful search capabilities. Search for people, places, photos, documents, heritage surveys, locations and more.

Building deeper and stronger connections to share cultural knowledge.

We have a bold vision for The Keeping Place to be a sustainable digital cultural centre for all Traditional Owner communities.

Building on the combined experiences of our user community, the platform will continue to evolve to meet the varying needs of groups and individuals across the country.

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Empowering and building the capacity of Traditional Owner communities.



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