Capabilities for culture, Country and community

The Keeping Place is a secure online cultural heritage and land management system. It brings together GIS mapping technology with the Infoscope relationship engine.

When a Traditional Owner group uses The Keeping Place, they work in their own private and secure Keeping Place Site. Each Traditional Owner group has full control over their Keeping Place Site.

User-friendly features

GIS capabilities

Contribute, edit and view spatial and non-spatial data in map view.

Detailed data collection

Capture information in detail, using fields tailored to each item or function.

Cultural protocols

Apply cultural protocols to your records to restrict and control access to cultural materials.

Street and satellite view

The map view includes a series of base maps to navigate data more easily.


Experience a Google-like search in map view or perform advanced searches in table view.

Security group permissions

Restrict user access within your site and control user permissions through security group settings.

Map or table view

Switch between map and table view. Use table view to access additional details about records, places, surveys, people and documents.

Works on PC and Mac

The Keeping Place looks and works the same on Windows and macOS.

Unlimited users

Each subscription provides access for unlimited users, each with their own login.

Spatial datasets

Each subscription includes access to our base set of public data sets, which can be viewed in map view or table view.

Secure system design

Data backups and system redundancies ensure information is protected against loss and vulnerabilities.

User dashboard

Users can be setup with their own private dashboard to view and keep track of jobs and tasks.

One place
to keep everything

Collect and appropriately share cultural knowledge

Collect and share documents, stories, songs, images and videos. Migrate and return cultural and heritage information held by other parties into one place.

Cultural protocols are built-in so that information can only be accessed by appropriate community members. The platform is highly secure, safeguarding cultural knowledge for future generations.

Monitor cultural sites and plan surveys

Map and monitor cultural sites and protected areas. Plan and manage upcoming cultural heritage surveys. Examine histories of previous surveys including survey boundaries. Monitor cultural sites over time.

Use workflows and jobs to plan cultural heritage and land management projects. Once work is completed, record the work done and report on progress.

Access land and tenement information

The Keeping Place supports the automated integration and presentation of various public and restricted datasets in near real time.

Once this data is in the system, notifications can be raised and tailored to your PBC business needs.

Discover and explore data relationships

A unique and powerful relationship engine lets you search, view and discover relationships and data connections. Click on map locations or a search result and The Keeping Place will identify related information for you to explore. Meta data is stored against records, so that information can be located quickly.

Visualise data and support decision making

Use maps to visualise data and make informed decisions about land. Find, view, analyse and report on the information you need to manage land and country. Generate reports and share them with committees, community and stakeholders.

Manage ILUA commitments

Manage and monitor commitments set by Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs) and Cultural Heritage agreements. Track obligations and trigger actions using automated workflows and notifications.

Manage stakeholders and membership

Record and log stakeholder information, correspondence and interactions. Manage member lists. Manage records of staff training and certificates.

Manage future acts responses and negotiations

Receive automated notifications about mining leases and other future acts. Manage responses to future acts through a workflow and reminder system. Use The Keeping Place to protect cultural sites and inform the negotiation of heritage agreements.

Ensure your native title rights are appropriately protected.

Automate workflows and notifications

Set up customised workflows and notifications to streamline complex processes. The Keeping Place automatically queries new data and determines connections between data. Workflows are automatically triggered, including tasks, reminders and escalation pathways. View all the tasks relevant to you on your own private dashboard.

Manage agreement compliance, objections, obligations, heritage projects and payments more efficiently.

A secure place for Indigenous cultural intellectual property

First Nations people are the custodians of irreplaceable traditional knowledge, sacred sites, artefacts, songs and cultural knowledge.

That’s why The Keeping Place is underpinned by a comprehensive Indigenous data governance framework to protect the integrity and security of all the information held on the system.

It’s also why The Keeping Place has been safeguarded to protect against threats such as SQL injections and is built on a fully-redundant hosted environment. If any component of the system experiences problems, the issue is rapidly detected. The component is bypassed without any impact on stored information.