Support is part of every subscription

An annual subscription provides access for as many users as your organisation needs. Each user will have their own login and access permissions.

You’ll also receive extensive support for the lifetime of your subscription.

New site setup process

A private and secure Keeping Place Site is configured for every organisation that subscribes to The Keeping Place. User interfaces are set up and base data sets are added.

Specialists from The Keeping Place will meet with your organisation to understand your business needs and priorities, as well as your cultural protocol requirements. We then configure your security group settings, cultural protocol permissions, data curation settings, reference data, queries, workflows and notifications.

Data migration

We can help you migrate information that’s currently held by other parties. Our team can also help you migrate data that you hold in other spreadsheets, databases or systems.


Your site setup includes training for a system administrator and ‘super users’. These are users nominated by your organisation to become experts in The Keeping Place.

Super users will receive training to manage user accounts, security permissions, reference data, contributing and curating new data, workflows, notifications, queries and reports.

Helpdesk support

Your super users are welcome to contact our helpdesk at any time during business hours. Use our online helpdesk to lodge a request for general support, raise an issue and access searchable training materials. We also provide support by phone, email, and remote system support.

Software maintenance

Your subscription includes ongoing software maintenance, enhancements, bug fixes, service patches and upgrades. We’re committed to maintaining an advanced technology solution that keeps pace with your needs.


Your subscription includes unlimited hosting, which means we pay for the space needed to store the information held on your Keeping Place Site.

Data backups and recovery

Data is backed up every night, with backups replicated on a secondary Azure platform located in Australia.

Learning and support resources

Explore our support videos and articles. We’ve put together advice for

getting the most out of The Keeping Place, as well as

troubleshooting tips.

Support Articles